Alexandria Crow Weekend

Ready for your practice to become personal, effective and wise? Spend a weekend with Alexandria Crow where you’ll look at the inner workings of yogic philosophy, the body, and the mind. the [...]

A Weekend With Bryan Kest

Looking for a yoga retreat in the middle of winter with a world famous yoga instructor!? Join us at Sumits Yoga for a weekend with the wonderful and inspiring Bryan Kest. Schedule is as follows: [...]

Partner Yoga with Nikki & Stephanie

Join Stephanie and Nikki for a laid back and fun partner yoga workshop.  Bring a friend, spouse or family member. Your partner can be anyone you want to cultivate a deeper connection with. Cost [...]

6 Ways to Snap out of Slump

Six Ways to Snap out of Slump I’m a self proclaimed doer. I love the sound my pen makes when I cross another item off my list. I enjoy keeping a full schedule, discovering the delicate balance [...]

An Interview with Sumit

This may be a few years old, but we absolutely love this interview with Sumit from an Arizona yoga publication… check it out!  Sumit Banerjee has evolved to be a very well known and [...]

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