6 Ways to Snap out of Slump

Six Ways to Snap out of Slump I’m a self proclaimed doer. I love the sound my pen makes when I cross another item off my list. I enjoy keeping a full schedule, discovering the delicate balance [...]

Deb’s Second Sunday Story

I started my yoga journey a little over three years ago when a friend invited me to Sumits Hot Yoga in Springfield. Like many people, I initially came for the physical aspects of exercise: to [...]

Angie’s Food Diary

Ever wondered how Angie keeps herself looking so young? She let us in on her nutrition secrets. Take a look at a few days from her weekly food schedule: Thursday 7am-warm lemon water 7:45-12oz [...]

An Interview with Sumit

This may be a few years old, but we absolutely love this interview with Sumit from an Arizona yoga publication… check it out!  Sumit Banerjee has evolved to be a very well known and [...]

Stephanie’s Yoga Story

Time. The single most important thing that I took for granted in my pre-motherhood life. I could practice yoga when I wanted to, whether it was 9 in the morning, 7:30 at night … my practice [...]

Nikki’s Yoga Story

We all have stress and chaos. We all have pieces of our past that we would like to forget. We all have parts of ourselves that we deem less than “ok.” These are our struggles. My struggles are no [...]

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