Angie Hart-DodsonStudio Manager: RYT 200

    Before I found yoga I was an avid runner, and enjoyed lifting weights. To be completely honest, I was obsessed with it, always seeking perfection and never finding it. I would catch myself getting into an unhealthy cycle of eating, and then working out more to counter the calories. I was just never happy and something was missing?

    I began my yoga practice in 2003 where I practiced inconsistently for 6 years. When I found Sumits Yoga in 2009, I fell in love! I kept coming back to my mat discovering so much more than just the physical benefits of yoga. I realized I was so externally consumed that I was not nourishing and caring for my emotional, mental, and spiritual state. I started to truly love what I saw in the mirror in front of me. I was making better choices in my life, putting healthier food in my body, surrounding myself with positive and encouraging people. I decided I wanted to share what I found with others, so I went on to get my certification to teach Sumits yoga in 2010! I also went on to get certified to teach TRX (group, private, and physical therapy settings), piyo, and just completed Baron Baptiste level one certification this year. I am excited to continue learning and expanding my knowledge to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. I love teaching, but what I have found is that my students are the ones that teach me, help me, encourage me, and inspire me! No matter what is happening in my life, I know I can come to my mat, and always leave feeling better!

    You have to take care of you, and love you first before you can nurture, love, and care for others in your life. Thank you to Sumit Banerjee for this amazing opportunity and gift! Thank you Nikki Adkins and Stephanie Lewis, the two coolest bosses ever, and Marcus Monroe for bringing Sumits yoga to Springfield! I am so blessed!


    Megan EllisAnita Lael