6 Ways to Snap out of Slump

Six Ways to Snap out of Slump

I’m a self proclaimed doer. I love the sound my pen makes when I cross another item off my list. I enjoy keeping a full schedule, discovering the delicate balance between work and family.  

That personality trait typically forces “me time” to the bottom of my list, and when I’m hanging there too long, I start sliding into a funk. You guys know what I’m talking about. 

Here’s what I do to blast that funk to smithereens.

Write it Down.

Journal. I start with what I’m most grateful for today. I move into who needs some extra TLC in my life. I jot down what’s on my heart and I Dear Diary it out like nobody will ever read it. I write to visualize where my heart/mind are currently dwelling, and set intentions on where I want to focus.


My favorite is before anyone else in my family is awake. I sit in front of the glow of my Christmas tree and listen for the sound of my breath. I thank God for a chance at another day. I pray for the Serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.*

Mood Music.

Tunes automatically shift my mindset. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I hum, and sometimes I belt it out. It’s a powerful, free, and underused secret weapon. Music changes the way I perceive the world around me and when I need a mojo boost it is the perfect melody.

Dance Party.

I don’t care if it’s Jingle Bells, The Lion King, or Beyonce. I like to turn the music up loud and shake it like a polaroid picture. I encourage my kids to do the same. It’s fun, it changes my attitude, and it makes me smile.

Worthy Reading Materials.

Ok, I’ll admit I go to this one when I’m too irritated to sing or dance. Sometimes I just have to escape my head, so I fill it with books. I’m not talking magazines, I’m talking a good business, juicy fictional, or yoga favorite. Meditations from the Mat is my default funk zapper.

Bonus points when I multitask with a lavender bubble bath.

Take a Yoga Class, duh.

This is obvious, it combines all the above, minus the writing, yet it is still a form of journaling. You are surveying your thoughts without judgement or criticism. You are spending 60 plus minutes transforming into the best version of yourself and working through whatever comes up along the way. The 80 minute Sumit Yoga class is my USR (ultimate slump remedy). When I’m really down, or really up this girl loves her Sumits yoga.

The best thing is that there are multiple classes everyday, so give yourself a gift this Christmas, and pencil in your next yoga class.

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*Serenity Prayer

Click here to schedule your yoga class.

xo, Megan Ellis