7 Things Every First Timer Needs to Know about Sumits Yoga

Yoga can be a powerful tool to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life, but to ensure a positive yoga class you must be prepared.  Here are some tips that our instructors came up with to make sure your first time is awesome!

1. Have Patience. You won’t “get it” the first time, it’s not designed that way.

2. Show up for class 15 minutes early.

3. Bring Water. There are no water fountains at the studio.

4. *Invest in a good yoga mat and towel (It’s slippery in there).

5. Don’t talk. Breathe instead.

6. TAKE BREAKS throughout the class.

7. Don’t come to class on a full stomach. Ever.

January classes will be really full, so if lots of people in a crowded hot room give you anxiety, consider waiting until these New Year Resolutions get resolved to try your first Sumits Yoga class.

Reserve your class online ahead of time to ensure your space.

*You can purchase a yoga mat for roughly $16.00 bucks at Sumits Hot Yoga.