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Every Day Yoga for Every Body!

At Sumits Yoga, we believe yoga is for everybody. We do not judge based on your body type, fitness level, age, gender, or socio economic class.

We encourage new students to try our Sumit Yoga Class first. It is compiled of basic yoga poses set to both music and silence so that with each session you receive a full mind and body detox.

Modifications and breaks are encouraged in all of our classes.

Sumits Yoga 80 Minutes

This class is the core of our yoga world. We take static poses to create focus and add vinyasa flow for strength and flexibility. Each body-bending, mind-centering, heart-expanding session aims to strengthen your core, increase flexiblity, and restore balance. Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike.


Flow 60 Minutes

A truly unique vinyasa practice that uses your breath to link movements while working on poses to tone, strengthen, and improve balance and focus.

Sumits Yoga Sculpt 60 Minutes

This is our flow class with weights, a true total body workout! Packed with plyometrics, cardio, yoga, and weight-lifting. This class can be modified for all fitness levels and can be completed without weights. You will leave feeling calm, strong, and refreshed. Students are responsible for their own weights.


Gentle Stretch 50 Minutes

This class focuses on using the breath as a tool to release tension, and to find a deeper state of relaxation. You will renew the body and spirit while quieting your mind and releasing deeply held tension.