Deb’s Second Sunday Story

deb's story

I started my yoga journey a little over three years ago when a friend invited me to Sumits Hot Yoga in Springfield. Like many people, I initially came for the physical aspects of exercise: to burn calories, build strength and flexibility. Now, I come more for the mental aspects of the discipline: to relax my mind and center myself. This studio has transformed my body and my mind, and the environment they create is a very positive, healing place.

So when Stephanie and Nikki offered the yin yoga class, I was ALL in. I didn’t know what it was about, but I have grown to love the regular Sumits class, the hour flow class, and gentle stretch…I was game!

The yin yoga class is a non heated restorative yoga class. This is a class where it is not as intense with the heat, but just as intense with the challenge. Every pose is held for 3-4 minutes, which allows your body to succumb to the place it needs to go to restore the body.

I had been carrying stress in my neck and shoulders to the point of chronic pain. The suspended poses allowed my muscles to relax and slowed down the overall movements. The next day I was feeling a lot better, the pain was gone and the tension relieved!

I invite you to come try yoga, hot or otherwise. It will change your life, body and mind. And, have NO expectations or competitive thoughts. It’s all about YOU and taking care of YOU! Nothing to prove! See you on your mat…because it’s the right thing to do!

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