Colin Shae Denniston

My fitness journey has taken me from dancer to swimmer to runner back to dancer, to yogi, to Pilates Instructor to now, a combination of the best of each one.

My hot yoga story began at Sumits in Springfield in 2009. I moved to New York City shortly after and spent nine years there as a dancer and actor. While in New York, I took advantage of the great variety of fitness opportunities the city has to offer. In 2015 I became a fully certified Pilates Instructor, teaching both private clients and group classes.

I relocated back to Springfield during the Summer of 2019, and Sumits Hot Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of my return. My practice has grown and my relationships have deepened since returning to my mat.

In my barre class, you can expect a mix of dance, yoga, and Pilates, all wrapped up in a killer playlist.