Let Energy Be Your Edge – Kundalini Yoga wtih Ravi Singh

Energy is the working capital that helps us to experience our inner vitality to do great things. In business and in life energy translates directly into abundance and success. In this workshop you’ll get a great workout and learn techniques to optimize your relationship with energy itself. Our palette will include conscious breathing, and novel yogic approaches for victory over inertia. Come join us and experience the best of both worlds: a comprehensive whole body workout as well as food for your soul. 80% physical and 20% meditative. All levels welcome! Come as you are, be more than you were.

* Continuing ed credits available for this workshop

Ravi Singh has 45 years of teaching experience and (w/ Ana Brett) is Author of 25 DVDs and an amazing new book. Ravi’s approach is powerful, poetic, motivating, majestic, and fun! He’s been called “the Teacher’s Teacher.” More info available at raviana.com

Cost for this workshop is $35, sign up available at www.sumitshotyoga.com or by calling 417-881-YOGA.