Essential Oils at Sumits Yoga

You can now find Young Living Essential Oils in our studio boutique! We currently are selling Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, and Peppermint Oil … all of which are the most commonly used around the studio. We use Lavender Oil in the cold towels we provide after select classes, Peppermint Oil in the spray that we use at the end of class, and we love using Lemon Oil in our water! 13613644614_1443ecde11_b

Here are some other uses of the products:

Lemon — has a very uplifting, and energizing fragrance. -add a drop to your water (only use glass or stainless steel containers), or substitute in others recipes that call for lemon (marinades, etc). -helps to support a healthy immune system -naturally contains limonene

Lavender — has a very calming, soothing fragrance – diffuse for a comforting, calming scent -add a few drops to a cup of Epsom salt & add to your bath water. -add a few drops to a wet cloth & add to you dryer. -place a drop on your pillow before bed.

Peppermint — a very powerful oil that promotes and enhances healthy intestinal function. -add a drop to your water or rub a drop on your shoulders to help support your performance during exercise. -just smelling this oil can give a great energy boost during the day! -make peppermint tea: dip a toothpick into the center well of the bottle & swish that into some hot water. Add honey to taste & more peppermint, if desired.

Questions? Just let us know!