"My Yoga journey began reluctantly just four short months ago; I was unsure of what to expect, how my body might react, or if it would be something I would enjoy on an ongoing basis. I’ll never forget feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of my first class --- unsure how I would ever keep up with the instructor, let alone maneuver my body into some of the poses! I also remember with clarity the end of my first session and how my mind/body felt after an hour and fifteen minutes of "ME" time. I was hooked! I made it a priority to attend the next nine daily sessions of my new-student special, and on the tenth day, I signed up for my first 30-day challenge recognizing how much I would regret not continuing this very personal journey full of wonderful benefits for both body and mind. Since attending my first Yoga alignment clinic with Gabriel Azoulay, I am reminded daily of something he said, "Sumit Hot Yoga is designed in such a way that it can be taken daily --- a lot like a daily vitamin for your health." I now look forward every day to crossing the threshold that separates my outside life from the benefits of "ME" time on my mat --- all made possible by the hard work, encouragement and expertise of Stephanie, Nikki and Angie --- their selflessness is evident in the studio every single day! I can honestly say that Sumit Hot Yoga has made a dramatic impact on my body, and I can’t wait to experience the future benefits along my Yoga journey. As the weeks have gone by, I continue to see more and more new faces in the studio, and it excites me to know that they, too, will soon realize the same opportunities and benefits that have made such a difference in my life. Lastly, I must thank my wife, Allison .. without her encouragement to try Sumit Hot Yoga in the first place, I might never have been introduced to such a life-changing and worthwhile experience."

Chris Robbins
U.S. Army

“Sumit Hot Yoga has given me my life back and redirected me to the life I want to create. This studio has deepened my mental, physical, and spiritual inner being. I want to manifest a life to become a teacher that can change the lives of the students that enter my classroom- to inspire them to look beyond their disability and achieve a better life for them to live. I feel now, I have the power - the drive to complete this. I have heard and wanted to include meditation into my life; in the past I found it difficult to complete this. Now, through the art of meditation I found in yoga, it is easily displayed and incorporated in my life. I am a better mother, a better teacher, a better friend, a better girlfriend, a better person-thank you Sumit Hot Yoga-Stephanie and Nicki-for showing and inspiring me with your words and encouragement.My favorite Sumit Hot Yoga pose is Warrior B---I feel powerful, I feel alive, I am strong.”

Viriginia Shaw
Springfield Public Schools

“I recently was introduced to Sumit Hot Yoga by my wife and it has been a VERY welcome addition to my training routine. I wouldn't say that I resisted going, but my excitement level over the prospect of sweating and fumbling through a yoga session was less than high. I can now say I couldn't have been more wrong. Although I do stumble through most sessions and my sweating is quite offensive, I have to say I enjoy every aspect of Sumit. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, caring and allow you to proceed at your own pace. They allow each student to push as hard or "take their foot off the gas" as needed. They are nurturing and their passion for yoga is evident in each session. Each and every friend I have brought with me to "check it out" has become a member. The heat of the studio obviously helps limber you up and detox, but it provides other benefits as well. I find every routine challenging, even though it never changes. The mental focus that is required to finish each session is a workout in itself. I think the mental toughness it takes is what I appreciate the most. Finishing each yoga session is an accomplishment. I leave Sumit feeling relaxed and refreshed. I have a calm about myself that I carry throughout the day. I feel that I am reversing the damage that I have done to my body. It has become part of my weekly routine and I can tell when I miss a session or two. Not only in the way that my body feels, but my mental clarity as well. I have lifted weights since I was 13 and I always will, but Sumit Hot Yoga is now as much a part of my training regime as weights.”

Grant Wistrom
9 years experience in the NFL

“When I first started coming to Sumit Hot Yoga, I was uncertain on how it would help me become a better fighter. The overall health benefits have now helped make me an enhanced, healthier, and better-rounded athlete. Yoga helped me increase my flexibility, strengthened my core, helped control my breathing, and assisted the muscles that are not focused on while I am doing my Mixed Martial Arts training. Another benefit would include the emotional side of Sumits Yoga; hence, my ability to be more composed, collected, and poised fighter. I have fought three times since I have been a yoga student, and I have certainly seen a difference in how it can help me as a fighter and a person. Yoga is an incredible workout for the mind and body. I would like to thank Stephanie and Nikki for truly showing me the importance of having yoga in my life. Ladies, the way you are influencing people's lives is a remarkable thing. Thank you for everything you have done for my career as a professional MMA fighter.”

Jesse Zeugin
XCF Lightweight Champion & Professional MMA Fighter