Jessica Murray

My first Sumits class I remember quite well. It was at the old location and my 2nd child was just a few months old. I was feeling the need to start working out again after the baby, and as a mom of two young kids I was needing a place to go that was just for me. The more I attended the more I fell in love with yoga. I loved the time there on my mat was just for me and I did not have to be anybody when I was there. I love the heat and with a gymnastics background I need that little extra push to feel like I am really getting in to my body in both strength and flexibility. I love the saying the quieter you are the more you hear, and yoga has really added so much meaning to that for me.

I have taught fitness for many years around town. I am so excited to be able to merge my two fitness worlds into one and add barre to Sumits. I love the community feel that the staff at Sumits has created. I am exited to be teaching at Sumits but will forever remain a student.